Kurashiki 33 supports your whole day through our natural and seasonal ingredients

Kurashiki33 Coffee
To be a coffee brand that brings health and beauty

Usually, people drink coffee in various situations, such as in the morning or during a relaxing time during a break or after a meal. I think that many people are concerned about feeling fatigued and not having enough amount of vegetables every day, and some may be concerned about their cosmetics application and diet. Kurashiki’s ingredients are rich in beneficial components, such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, and many types of polyphenols. “Kurashiki 33 Coffee” started with a concept to support the beginning of each of your day and the beauty that you nurture each day through easy-to-prepare and delicious coffee produced based on various studies on how to blend coffee that can be enjoyed easily to maximize the advantages from the natural ingredients that are powdered by using our company’s proprietary recipe.

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Other than producing caffeine-free coffee under the consideration of health, Kurashiki 33 coffee helps solve one of the problems that farmers face, which is their inability to sell their products with irregular shape although with the same quality as their other products, by using them in our coffee formulation. Also, we offer instant coffee that does not produce as much waste as the drip coffee to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

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Drip coffee

Drip coffee made with high compatibility with seasonal ingredients (individual packages)

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I want to drink coffee easily and conveniently

Instant coffee

Special-blend instant coffee that can be enjoyed easily (individual packages)

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We will offer more product types as needed

Please contact us for caffeine-free coffee
Please contact us for caffeine-free coffee


What Kurashiki 33 wants to convey from its coffee

・Original Product (OEM and others)

Original Product (OEM and others)

We can offer our coffee as an original product for sweets and cake shops, miscellaneous goods shops, souvenir shops, hotels, and companies, as well as for gifts and wedding ceremonies, using your original label.

・Office Coffee

Office Coffee

Our coffee will be a topic of conversation when provided for your staff members daily or as a unique coffee for those who visit your company.

・Event Participation

Event Participation

We participate in a large number of events, such as All-Japan Great Food Exhibition, Hanagoza Ping-pong World Competition, cultural festivals all over Japan, supporting high schools in Kurashiki in opening their stores, and others. We also offer our products in tasting shops and at a sweets shop, Irodorinosato Hanamizuki (affiliated company).

・Wholesale, etc.

Wholesale, etc.

We have offered our tailored products to hotels, luxury supermarkets, department stores, and many others.

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