The process of drying ingredients
Kurashiki 33 also selects the most suitable beans for our drip coffee.
Among the available dried and processed coffee beans in the world, we carefully select the Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans because they match very well when blended with Japanese food ingredients.
Image of ingredient

※The picture is for illustration purpose only

Why do we blend coffee with food?

  • As the number of people who do not eat enough vegetables is increasing, we want to incorporate vegetables in everyone’s diet, even just a little.
  • As the number of people drinking coffee is growing along with domestic consumption of imported goods, the profits go to overseas producers, and the consumption of domestic agricultural products decreases. We want to increase the use of local products, even just a little.
  • Many products that have been raised carefully by the farmers are wasted because they cannot be sold due to their irregular shapes.

The "wish" of the food blending of Kurashiki 33